Plantings and Gardens

Every landscape planting  is unique. We take a personalized approach to creating and designing each garden with year round color and interest, while focusing on sustainability. Often times plants look great at the garden center however they may not be the correct fit for your particular space. At Blake Miller Lawn & Landscape we know our plants and what the need to thrive. We offer a wide variety for each and every location, even those tricky wet or dark spots where color and presentation are still a priority. 

In addition to making sustainable choices we also follow age old proven installation techniques. Sure, gardening can be as easy as "sticking it in the ground" however when dealing with ornamental plants and specimens we want them to not only look good but strive to be their showiest and fullest with the best blooms and dramatic effect. Some of our practices include the use of organic fertilizers and root enzymes that play a major factor in starting the plant off right in its new home.  

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