Lawn Mowing Service

There’s something about a well-trimmed lawn that makes you sit up and take notice. There’s most likely one in your neighborhood that always looks spotless. Getting that look for your home is more affordable than you think. We put our knowledge and experience to work for you, creating a lush and healthy lawn that will enhance the beauty of your property.

The following services are performed weekly:

  • Cutting your lawn to the appropriate height based upon grass species and turf conditions
  • String trimming in areas that cannot be mowed, edged garden beds and around drive/walk/road ways. 
  • Blowing and cleaning of grass from landscape beds, flowerbeds, porches and walkways

We do offer such options as: 

  • Clipping collection and removal service, aka "bagging"service
  • Spring and Fall Cleanups. We have a systematic approach to keep your lawn and landscape spotless throughout the season with this option. 
  • Mechanical edging. We have special equipment that will cut new edges into your driveways, roadways and walkways. This will give your property the extra defining curb appeal. 
  • Additional Lawn Services on request. We aim to please and understand the needs of our clients. Special events are just those and we will ensure your lawn and landscape are the last things you need to worry about when hosting. 

For a free quote click below or feel free to call us at (585) 223-2891. We look forward to serving you.

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