Once we have a final design in place it's time to let the dream become a reality.

We will draw up a contract with a very detailed scope of work including all of the aspects of your project to be constructed. Regardless if you use us or another contractor, be sure they give you the details of the project. This is many times what creates a price and quality difference. Spaces outside need to be constructed with specific standards to withstand the elements and time; unfortunately not all methods are created equal or the steps taken taken by the various "contractors". At Blake Miller Lawn & Landscape, we stand behind our work by offering a craftsmanship guarantee and we go out of our way to ensure the beauty and quality of our finished project. We also partner with suppliers who only offer the best products; many that come with their own warranties to add another layer of value and protection.

Next, we will set up a payment schedule that works for both parties, allowing us to buy materials and for the homeowner to feel comfortable and spread out the cost. We also have financial plans available to ease the stress on the pocket. 

Once all the details are set, we will provide the client with a tentative start date and construction schedule that will include how long we expect the project to last. Once we've begun, we stay until the job is finished. 

Finally, before we break ground, any permits needed will be obtained and utilities will be marked. 

Now, let's get to work!